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Bridging the gap between models and source code.

What is JaMoPP?

JaMoPP is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that can be used to parse Java source code into EMF-based models and vice versa. JaMoPP consists of:

  • a complete Java5 Ecore Metamodel,
  • a complete Java5 EMFText Syntax, and
  • an implementation of Java5's static semantics analysis.

Through JaMoPP, every Java program can be processed as any other EMF model. JaMoPP therefore bridges the gap between modelling and Java programming. It enables the application of arbitrary EMF-based tools on full Java programs. Since JaMoPP is developed through metamodelling and code generation, extending Java and embedding Java into other modelling languages, using standard metamodeling techniques and tools, is now possible. To ensure the quality of JaMoPP, it has been successfully tested on a large code base.

For application of JaMoPP see the applications page.

Related projects

  • JaMoPP is developed based on EMFText.
  • RestrictED can be used to perform static analysis on Java models.
  • FeatureMapper can map features to Java source code and models.
  • With Reuseware one can compose Java programs.